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What is a Licensed Fiduciary?

You might be more familiar with the common terms that refer to a fiduciary, such as: Trustee, Executor, Estate Administrator, Personal Representative, Conservator, or Guardian.

A fiduciary accepts responsibility for taking care of the personal or financial needs of another person. Fiduciary duties depend on whether services are provided for a deceased person or someone still living.

Licensed professional fiduciaries may be engaged to serve by agreement in life planning documents such as Wills and Trusts, or they may be appointed by the probate court to serve in any of the above functions.

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About Donald Fischer

Donald E. Fischer is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary and National Certified Guardian. He earned a Master’s Degree in Conflict Studies and Peacemaking from Fresno Pacific University (FPU), a Bachelor’s Degree in Rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley and is certified by California State University, Fullerton to Manage The Person and The Portfolio Estate.

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